High Quality Selector Pins: To Better Exercise your Body

Everybody is fighting with themselves to be at the top. To achieve their dreams but did we ever thought for a second about our health which somehow how has taken a backstage in our life. 

Health is wealth people have heard these lines very often and if given a choice to choose between the two, a sensible person will opt for health over wealth because he knows that if they will be healthy and fit they will be able to achieve their desired goals without any hurdles. 

So to be healthy physical fitness is the most important things.

Physical fitness can be achieved only when you follow a fitness regimes i.e. proper sleep, diet, and the most important thing above all is exercise. People often feel lazy when it comes to exercise, for them the solution is to enroll them in a reputed gym. Going to a gym is becoming a trend and a fashion statement.

Weight stack pins or Selector pins

Selector pins also known as weight stack pins can be flat or rectangular steel bars which are connected with the weight machines to provide resistance. Selector pins can be found out in all the commercial gyms. Know a days it has become a common trend to use the selector pins, first we have to insert it in the weight stack and then pass it to the selector rod. It is usually done to balance the weight plates. It is generally done to minimize or maximize the weight according to the need of the individual and strengthen the machines.

The selector keys are different for different equipments. Sometimes the owner of the gym customized the pins to suit their equipments. It is quite necessary that the pin should be made up of good material and is tailored for particular equipment because a faulty pin can prove to be very fatal as there are chances that it might come out and lead to an injury.Hence it is advisable to use high quality selector pins rather than compromising with the cheap one because it is related to your fitness and health.

Steps before purchasing the pins

One should be very careful before purchasing those pins it should because it is directly related to your health. The foremost thing which you should look for is the: 
  • Quality- It should be of high quality selector pins and good enough to hold the machine in the right manner. 
  • Flexibility- the pins must be flexible enough to suit the requirement of the machines. 
  • Budget- considers your budget before purchasing the weight stack because it is available in wide variety and range. 
  • Replacement- selector pins might not last for a long time, so you should purchase from a shop where the replacement of the pins will be easily assessable. 

Different kind of Selector pins

There are various kinds of selector pins which have been introduced in the market due to its increasing demand. Recently magnetic selector pins has been introduced. The magnetic selector pin is made up of carbon steel and zinc and it is embedded with high quality of magnet to assure that the weight stack has been locked properly. So next time remember whenever you purchase a pin always opt for a high quality selector pins.
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