Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss and Healthy Body

Protein is an essential source of energy that is required for everyone in their daily life. There are so many substances from which you can get the protein. But human always needs the best. 

So here is a list of best protein powders that can be prepared at home or purchased online. The protein requirement generally differs with each person according to his lifestyle and age. Protein requirement for a kid and protein requirement for an adult completely differs.

There are many natural sources of protein. All pulses are the rich sources of the protein. You could get the best protein powder for weight loss out of this by making sprouts of the whole grains and making powder from it. 

A simple yet effective ingredient goes here: take 100 Gms of green gram, 100 Gms of soybeans. Soak both these in water and leave it for eight hours or till it becomes soft. Then drain the water out of it and keep it in the sprout maker.

Or else wrap it in a cotton cloth and keep it as such there is sunlight in that area. Now wait for two days until beautiful sprout come out of it. Then take the grains with beautiful white tails. Now dry it under a sunshade. Do not dry using the microwave. Now grind both the pulses till it becomes a fine powder.

Now take 25 Gms each of cashew, almonds, pista, and walnut, grind it to a fine powder. Take 200 Gms of sugar and powder it. The best protein powder ever is ready. 

This would be very good for the home makers, kids and every one. This can be consumed with milk. There are also other packed protein powders available which comes separately for women, men and kids. Anything can be chosen according to your needs.
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